Monday, March 15, 2010

Algebra Puzzle Solution

My Solution

  • Let a represent umbrella
  • Let y represent pen
  • Let z represent gear
  • 3y =45
  • Therefore, y = 15
  • 2y+a =37
  • 37=2y=a
  • Therefore, a is 7
  • 2y+z = 32
  • 32-14=z
  • Therefore, z is 18
In conclusion, each umbrella represents 7, each pen represents 15 and each gear represents 18.

1 comment:

  1. Cheng Ngee

    It's a good attempt to use the algebraic method to solve.

    Note that we usually move the unknowns to the left hand side of the equation.

    Check line 7: Think there's a mistake in the operation sign?

    Check line 9: Check the variables that are used to form the equation. Are they representing what they should?

    You can just edit the post and update... I'll 'dropby' again...