Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Amazing Race- Reflection

I have only one word to describe the amazing race-' sweaty'. Really, we spent around 3 hours walking from checkpoint to checkpoint. Everyone was all energetic at first, but after reaching block 304 and 310, the class split,after no one knew which route to take to the blocks, talking in groups of our own and blocking the path. In the end, we decided to cut through the grassland, making our shoes all muddy. Reaching the two blocks, we finally realized why SST wanted us to walk past the two blocks. There was the St. Luke's Eldercare at block 310 and MINDS at 304. Seeing the group of mentally disabled people was...disturbing at first, but sympathy followed soon after. I realized that not many people know that there are actually this group of people staying there. I believe that the school value "Expanding our Learning Networks" is in place here. To help those mentally disabled, we can make cash donations and volunteer to help out there. Expanding our learning networks is very important as the society is progressing very fast, and if we are not proactive, we will fall behind.

Loh Cheng Ngee

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