Monday, January 4, 2010

Building Bridges Beyond Boundaries

Working in a team gives me reassurance that i wouldn't have to face the challenge alone but brings in the fear that i would not work well with my teammates. Overall, i got along quite well with my teammates and we did not meet any challenging problems while building the bridge. Nearing the end, one of my teammates got angry as he was doing the work all alone while the rest of the engineers were fooling around. After that, we realized the importance of cooperation and teamwork that was needed in order to complete work smoothly. I would be more hardworking and take more initiative the next time my team does a project. At first, i felt hesitant about sharing my ideas as i was afraid that they would be rejected, but after some time, i felt more comfortable as my teammates were easygoing and i enjoyed the whole experience throughly.

Loh Cheng Ngee

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